What is a Preventative Maintenance Program

    Kamloops Communications offers a Preventative Maintenance Program that helps ensure your communications system is working when you need it versus being reactive if it fails.

    Our Preventative Maintenance Program checks your equipment against the manufacturers specifications and if needed brought back to specification.

    It’s not only a safety issue for your employee’s who require essential communications, it’s also a cost savings because the preventative maintenance provides a cost effective means of minimizing costly equipment down time.

    For example, By scheduling your base station / repeater preventative maintenance with Kamloops Communications in advance, allows our technical team the ability to economically access the remote location and schedule times when weather and other outside factors are optimal.

    Kamloops Communications also will dispose or recommend environmentally ways of disposing of batteries and equipment.

    Preventative Maintenance

    Equipment could include but not limited to:
    • Base stations and base station accessories
    • Base station antennas
    • Base station remote control stations
    • Radio over IP (ROIP) equipment
    • Mountain Top Repeaters
    • Mountain Top Solar
    • Mountain Top Batteries
    • Mobile radios, Antennas and mobile radio accessories
    • Portable radios and radio accessories
    • Vehicular repeaters
    • Vehicular chargers (portable units)
    • Antennas (to include duplexers/diplexers)
    • Vehicle emergency lighting equipment
    • Light bars
    • Rotating beacons
    • Strobe lights
    • Sirens

    Call or email us anytime to discuss how Kamloops Communications preventative maintenance program can work for your company. We are accepting bookings for 2015 now.

    Telephone: 250 - 374 - 5740

    Email: Sales@Kamcom.Ca

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